Hajwane's Healthcare as part of its Occupational Health Services helps companies to develop & implement comprehensive occupational health programs that develop better employee health, decrease health-related costs, improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

We specialize in minimizing work place illness, Insurance Board premiums & short term disability costs for our clients.

Hajwane's Healthcare offers occupational Healthcare services to the needs of Industrial sector like - chemicals, petrochemicals, paints, rubber etc. especially hazardous process and dangerous works industries, Port and Dock workers, hotel and catering industry, IT / InfoTech and Banking, diamond and Jewel and other work industries.

  Our services include:
  • Health Monitoring, Surveilance and Health examination.
  • Occupational Health Audit.
  • Advice on preventive & control measures
  • Health Education and Health Promotion.
  • Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases
  • Hazard evaluation and control
  • Industrial Emergencies
  • Drug Screening.

We also undertake Medical retainer ship for Factory medical centers & corporate houses.

Services offered by qualified, experienced &
board certified Occupational Health Physicians.

Biological Monitoring for Industrial Chemicals

Benzene testing for the Shipping Industry

Hajwane's Healthcare offers wide range of biological monitoring & testing services that can assess/evaluate exposure to hazardous or toxic substances in the work environment.

As part of the Toxicology - We provide chemical testing for benzene exposure - called as benzene exposure testing, or Chemical sign off medicals, or post sign off medicals for the crew of chemical tanker ships with a network of sample collections all over India.

By identifying possible employee exposure to hazardous substances at the work environment, one can reduce the long term health hazards, prevent hospitalisation and insurance claims while reducing absentism, increasing employee morale and Prodcutivity.

Some of these harmful or hazardous substances would include :
  • Exposure to Organic Solvents in the Petroleum and Chemical industries like Benzene, Xylene, Tuolene.
  • Pesticides with Organophosphorous compounds - Acetylcholinesterase.
  • Heavy Metals like Copper, Zinc , Lead , Cadmium , Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum.